Wind – NRG Property · Hinesburg · Development Opportunity · Sold

Heart of Hinesburg Village
Address:110 Riggs Rd
 Hinesburg, VT 05461
Use:Office, Land, Industrial
Size:66 acres


Located in the heart of the Hinesburg Village Growth Area, and a part of the beautiful Renewable NRG campus, this property affords a developer and/or owner/user the opportunity to become a part of a growing commercial community with easy access to major thoroughfares, retail stores, restaurants and more!

The property is anchored by Hinesburg’s most iconic building,—the award winning Renewable NRG Associates facility located on the ridge at 110 Riggs Road. This LEED gold certified building of 77,000 square feet is the recipient of countless awards and recognition, and sets the standard for future development of the balance of the 66 acre campus.

With the unanimous sketch plan approval by the Hinesburg Design Review Board, Wind Energy Associates is prepared to move forward in soliciting interest in the development of its light industrial/office segment of its campus on the southern edge of the property. Subject to the needs of a user and/or developer, preliminary anticipation is for the construction of up to three buildings, ranging in size from 13,000 square feet to 27,000 square feet.

Permitted Uses:

  • Manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities
  • Engineering and product design facilities
  • Office uses in conjunction with other permitted uses
  • Corporate offices or headquarters
  • Non Retail business incubation facilities
  • Retail sales which are accessory to primary use
  • Accessory uses for the benefit of employees such as childcare or eldercare facilities, health clubs or other employee conveniences
  • Structures associated with renewable energy generation
  • Other accessory uses

Location Map