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Long-Term Changes Expected in Use of Commercial Space

NEW FOCUS WILL CAUSE REDESIGN AND REBUILDING, DISPLACING OLD FORMATS. Space utilization has taken on immediate importance for tenants and landlords during COVID-19. In “Space Utilization and the Built Environment,” published in the latest issue of Real Estate Issues by The Counselors of Real Estate, authors Tomáš Ctibor, CRE, and Thomas Wootten, CRE, predict: • […]

Examining Challenges Faced by Different Market Sectors

Retail: Retail will see a bifurcated reaction to this economic downturn. Storefronts selling consumer staples – like Walmart, CVS, and grocery stores-will thrive, while dine-in restaurants, for example, could remain closed for the foreseeable future. Hospitality: Unsurprisingly, hospitality has been decimated by the national response to the pandemic. CCIM Institute Chief Economist K.C. Conway recommends those in […]

Profile of a Successful V/T Commercial Client, Part 4

By Laura Beth Saaman, V/T Commercial student intern Miriam Novotny is the Executive Director for Mosaic Learning Center, a school and consultation practice for students with neurological differences. She has worked at the Mosaic Learning Center for almost 15 years. Using a strength based approach, Mosaic Learning Center provides speech and language, behavioral and occupational […]

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