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Retail’s Road to Recovery

Battered by COVID-19 — some more than others — retailers are looking to rebound with increased creativity, flexibility, and agility. By Sarah Hoban | Summer 2021 The figures vary, but between 12,000 to 15,000 physical retail stores closed in 2020, and many predict that figure could be higher this year. But the pandemic only accelerated a […]

Innovative Workplace Practices– Rhino Foods Practices what it Preaches

Ted Castle, founder, owner and “Head Cheese” at Rhino Foods,, has long been an advocate of finding and implementing innovative ways to keep his workforce engaged, healthy, happy, and productive.  Though his company is well known for its frozen cookie dough, best tasted in Ben & Jerry’s iconic Cookie Dough ice cream, Rhino Foods […]


EFFORTS TO EXPAND RURAL BROADBAND HAVE SO FAR PROVED INADEQUATE. COULD 5G OR SATELLITE INTERNET CHANGE THE GAME FOR PEOPLE SEEKING REMOTE WORK OPTIONS? Read a vacation rental listing and sometimes see “no internet access” promoted as a plus. Such marketing chutzpah may work for a weekend break, but for people looking for a permanent […]

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